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Qatar is a non-apostille country that has special requirements for document legalization called Embassy Legalization. At Washington Consular Services, we take great care in processing your documents and we provide the highest level of service--your account representative will keep you apprised through every step of the process. Learn more about the WCS premier legalization process.

For volume document pricing discounts, please contact us at 866-255-3627.

Document Types and Pricing

Here are the categories of documents and a breakdown of pricing for Qatar:

Government Issued Documents

Government issued documents are any document or certificate issued by the Federal government. Not sure what qualifies as a Government Issued Document? Find out >>


Legalization fees (U.S. Dept of State + Embassy fees + money order) $46
WCS Service fee (incl. messenger) $75

U.S. Dept of State: 4 days, Embassy: 3 weeks

$121 total

General Documents

General documents are any document or certificate NOT issued by the Federal government. This is the largest catch-all category. Not sure what qualifies as a General Document? Find out >>

Special requirements:

  • All documents must be notarized and certified by the Secretary of State where the documents were issued.
  • Qatar Embassy fees vary based on document type. If you don’t see your document listed below and would like a quote, please contact us.
  • University documents must contain three items: university degree (diploma), original transcripts and original verification letter from the university. All three documents must be authenticated under one seal by the Secretary of State where the documents were issued.*


Legalization fees (US Dept. of State fee + Embassy fees + Money Order)
Contracts or Agreements $60
Commercial Power of Attorney & Authorization of Agent $60
General Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, Bill of Guarantee, Real Estate Sale Contract, Real Estate Lease Contract, Lien or Mortgage Contract, Bill of Trust Deposit, Birth Certificate, Adoption Certificate, Will Attestation, Endowment Attestation, Legal Age Attestation, Limitation of Inheritance Attestation, Report of Will Unfolding, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Marriage License (no objection Attestation), Marital Legalizations, Writs, High School Diploma & Other School Documents, Legal Documents, Arbitration Documents, Health Certificate, Medical Reports, Other $46
University Documents (total for 3 documents)* $102
Death Certificate Gratis
Attestation of Conversion to Islam Gratis
WCS Service fee (incl. messenger) $75

WCS offers competitive pricing and discounts for regular and high volume customers. Please contact us for more details.

*Not all steps are necessary depending on how the document comes to us. This price reflects if all of the steps were necessary. Please contact us for a personalized quote.


U.S. Dept of State: 4 days, Embassy: 3 weeks

starting from $121

Commercial Shipping/Export-related Documents

Documents like Commercial Invoices (CI) or Certificates of Origin (CO), etc used for shipping products out. Not sure what qualifies as a Shipping Issued Document? Find out >>

Special Requirements:

  • The minimum requirements for any shipments to Qatar are that a Certificate of Origin and a Commercial Invoice must be legalized at the Consular Section of the Embassy here in Washington DC.
  • In order for the document to be recognized by the Embassy, it first needs to be certified by the National U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC).
  • Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice must be notarized and chamberized by the chamber of commerce where the shipper is located prior to sending to WCS.


Legalization fees (NUSACC + Embassy fees + Money Order)
Certificate of Origin (CO) $97
Commercial Invoice (CI) based on its value:
$0.28 – $4,121.00 $193
$4,122.00 – $27,473.00 $330
$27,474.00 – $68,681.00 $742
$68,682.00 – $274,725.00 $1,429
$ 274,726.00 or more Total invoice value x 0.6% (rounded up)
Bill of Lading / Manifest $97
Commercial Contracts $97
Other Commercial Documents $83
WCS Service fee (incl. messenger) $90



Turnaround time in business days. Please account for additional time based on your selected return mail method.

Starts at $380

Note on Pricing

WCS offers competitive pricing and discounts for regular and high volume customers. Please contact us for more details. The process and pricing for your documents largely depends on what type of document it is, what country you are legalizing for, and how many steps we must take to get your document authenticated in the appropriate manner. Please note that the price breakdown listed above is for reference purposes only. Prices may vary based on additional requirements and requests. Specifically, if your document requires out of state processing based on jurisdictional requirements, there will be an additional charge. WCS works with each customer to confirm pricing once a request is submitted.


WCS accepts major credit cards, company checks, Cashier's checks, or Money Orders made payable to: Washington Consular Services.

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  • Include the original documents (signed, notarized, or state-issued documents)
  • Include a photocopy of the documents
  • Include a prepaid return envelope or UPS/FedEx account number for us to send the documents back to you. If you prefer, we can ship using our FedEx account and charge back to you.

Embassy Addresses

Qatar’s Embassy in U.S.
2555 M St NW Washington, DC 20037-1305
Main Phone: (202) 274-1600
Fax: (202) 237-0061 icon_newWindow

U.S. Embassy in Qatar
Embassy of the United States of America
22nd February Street
Al Luqta District
P.O. Box 2399
Doha, Qatar
Telephone: (974) 4488-4101
Fax: (974) 4488-4298 icon_newWindow

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* denotes a Hague Convention Country which recognizes the Apostille form of document legalization. Other countries listed require Embassy Legalization.


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