How We Work

The document legalization process can be complicated with constantly shifting guidelines.

In offering concierge services, Washington Consular Services (WCS) seeks to keep it very simple for our clients. You provide us the necessary documents and we handle the rest - worry-free.


  • Confirm your legalization needs;
  • Hand-deliver your documents to the necessary entities, and
  • Ensure your documents return to you quickly and authenticated with an Apostille seal or Legalization from the Embassy.

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Why Choose Us

Because we go the extra mile for our clients.

With over 30 years of expertise in the field, Washington Consular Services (WCS) is the choice for global businesses. We are:

    We pick up the phone. We keep you informed and we anticipate your needs, saving you time, hassle and additional resources.

    Our physical proximity and relationships to the Embassies and State Department in Washington, D.C. has helped us build a reputation for swift turnaround.

    We've worked with our valued customers, including Fortune 500 companies to successfully and securely authenticate over 500,000 documents.

Praise for WCS

"I wanted to say thank you for all of your attentiveness in my unknowable sense of international authentication : ) and also for all your help and patience with me through this new process. I will definitely recommend Washington Consular Services to everyone I know that deals with this process in their company."

- Medical Instrument Manufacturer

About WCS

Washington Consular Services (WCS) is the trusted, premier provider of document legalization and authentication services for global business--proactive, efficient and always at your service. Learn more>>

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